Sole to soul transformation workshop

Welcoming everyone looking to enhance their health and wellbeing in 2022, this practical workshop will uplift and restore your mind and body - from the feet up. If you’re interested in easy, uncomplicated methods to naturally boost your immunity…
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New Year? New Mindset ?New High

Hello! Welcome to 2022, step into the new year, and create a vision board of Love, Peace, and Harmony. Fill it with uplifting images and messages you want to experience and make 2022 your transformative year! Visualise your vision board like…

Learn How to Break the Addiction to Self - Sabotaging Behaviours and Step Up Your Worth | May 2020

Come and join HueLan’s practical workshop to uplift, restore and transform your mind and body. This workshop will help you to address the imbalances we face in our daily lives from stress to insomnia. Learn hands-on tools to use for yourself and loved ones for quick relief with reflexology and meditation to calm and soothe the mind. The workshop will demonstrate how to bring your mind and body back into balance with open space, reconnecting from the inside out.

Optimise with a healthier happier heart, mind and body | January 2020

“The first wealth is health.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Everyone faces challenges at some point in their life. These challenges could be in relationship, health, money, business or spirituality. The workshop will help you start your new year to invest in building a more uplifted focused mindset, an open, fearless heart and a stronger body. You will work to melt and clear blockages on the inner and outer level of your being.
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Connecting with Nature is Reconnecting with Ourselves

"We don't travel in order to move around. We travel in order to be moved". - Pico Iyer One of the biggest challenges we are facing now is how disconnected we are with ourselves. Of course, there are the global issues of climate change, religious…
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Self-Rejection | Self-Love

What was supposed to be just an hour of getting some photographs done for my website, turned out to be a day of my mind getting stuck on self-judgements of seeing all the faults I have with my looks; my face is too big, my teeth is crooked,…