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Self-Rejection | Self-Love

What was supposed to be just an hour of getting some photographs done for my website, turned out to be a day of my mind getting stuck on self-judgements of seeing all the faults I have with my looks; my face is too big, my teeth is crooked, my eyes are too small, and I don’t have the right smile, and so you get the picture. It was extremely debilitating to notice how much I reject myself! There were so many levels of self-judgements. No wonder it is so challenging to practice self-love; all these reactions seeing myself on pictures was so hard to accept.

I realised how much I don’t like myself and always waiting for the approval and validation from outsiders. Something we do ALL the time! All these reactions come from a belief that is deep inside us. That has been programmed inside us and have been repeated thousands of times. A belief that tells us ‘I am not good enough’, ‘I am not worthy’, ‘I am not smart enough’, ‘I am not lovable’ ‘I am not pretty enough’. All these negative thoughts make us look outside ourselves for re-assurance. And this is the challenge for most of us when we don’t try and heal that part of us. We will continue with these negative thought patterns, and constantly feed our mindset with negativities and fears, recycling them, adding more power to fuel them that can affect all areas in our lives.

As long as we keep carrying on with these same self-destructive habitual patterns, we will continue to inflict pain on ourselves as well as others. However, if you can begin to see that you can change and make a difference by changing your belief system and offset these addictions to painful/negative thought patterns, you will learn to love and appreciate your self-worth much more and change your normal reactions; be able to take more risks and make different choices.

When you are free from self-judgement, you will be able to appreciate to love yourself for being who you are. From this place of self-love, you will no longer self-sabotage; you will no longer carry self-judgements against yourself, and you will no longer need to judge anyone else. You will respect yourself and other’s people’s beliefs and transform your relationships with yourself and others.

Still a work in progress and believe in learning to love myself will ultimately spread a lot more love to others. Also, by surrendering to self-love it will help to solve many deep-rooted problems; I will no longer need to be afraid to step out of my comfort zone, I won’t be at war with myself and of other people’s opinions. It will be so liberating! My mind will be clear of emotional pollution – YES, please!

May our hearts have the courage to open to self-love. With the power of self-love, may it empower all our soul journeys to life’s highest purpose.