Sole to soul transformation workshop

Welcoming everyone looking to enhance their health and wellbeing in 2022, this practical workshop will uplift and restore your mind and body – from the feet up. If you’re interested in easy, uncomplicated methods to naturally boost your immunity and increase vitality, this is for you.

HueLan Tracy will teach you simple but powerful reflexology techniques for self-care, establishing a healing pathway up into the rest of the body. Knowing how to massage your feet to discharge stress – and those of lucky loved ones! – brings quick, effective relief and helps to address imbalances we face in our daily lives from insomnia, pain and digestive issues through to overwhelm, anxiety and the inability to relax.

The class will be deep yet accessible, and filled with insightful, educational and above all practical material. It will use meditation and related practices to help anyone interested in developing or building upon their daily routine for mental hygiene, and will leave everyone feeling refreshed, relaxed, calm and inspired.

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