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Connecting with Nature is Reconnecting with Ourselves

“We don’t travel in order to move around. We travel in order to be moved”. – Pico Iyer

One of the biggest challenges we are facing now is how disconnected we are with ourselves. Of course, there are the global issues of climate change, religious conflicts, famine, war of all sorts and so on. However, the more I reflect with problems and conflicts that we are currently facing on the wider scale. The more evident it is to see how it all comes back to how disconnected we are within.

On a recent healing/meditation trip to Tenerife in the Canary Islands, I had the opportunity to go deep and ask some fundamental questions about my life purpose. I wanted to feel and reconnect with Mother Nature in ways that could help me crack open. I was not disappointed, and what came out deeply moved me..

I was diving deep, and what has become more and more evident is the need to reconnect with my true self. When I understood what the very disconnection is underlying to most of my problems. I can begin to work with a clearer vision and find solutions to my questions/problems to mend the broken connections. Recovering the type of connection, I have with myself has now set off another journey towards healing.

I have overcome many adversities and difficulties accepting them mostly as part of my life journey. However, what I hadn’t realised is how important it is to have self-love. It has always been easy for me to love and cherish others. But, when it comes to loving myself, I had no idea and are dumbfounded! It had never occurred to me in the past the concept of loving myself. Now, it has become more apparent that I need to reconnect and start loving myself in ways I thought I have never thought I could. When I begin to love myself more, it will no doubt help me to expand, grow and serve the world on a bigger scale as part of my life purpose.

Most of us have a hard time loving ourselves and connecting with our true self. We beat ourselves up with criticisms and negativities leading an increase of anxiety and self-doubt big or small. Unless we heal this disconnection, the hole in our souls will keep getting bigger (Ilchi Lee).

When each of us begins to start healing within, we will see the outer world with new eyes and form healthier connections with others. Change always begins within; let’s start your day learning to love yourself as your life depends on it and diminish all those critical voices we play in our heads once and all!

The trip to Tenerife was not what I had expected. I was expecting hot weather and white sand beaches. To my surprise, it was completely different. The weather was unpredictable from sunshine to fog! However, we were lucky enough to meditate and connect our chi (energy) to some very special places such as the Dragon Tree, claimed to be the oldest tree in the world. A trip to Volcano Teide was amazing as the 3rd highest volcano in the world with its summit of just over 3700m. The breath-taking view mesmerised me as we were sandwiched between the clouds and sea. We also visited Masca, the Machu Picchu of the Canaries and absorbed and connected with the historical surroundings. A beautiful and profound and healing journey indeed.