Clarity and Healing

HueLan’s approach is above all human and genuinely caring and involved. It is obvious that she chose her practice out of a sincere will and desire to help others and this is what drew me to her in the first place. She is real.

The sessions are surprisingly soothing and relaxing, and I was surprised at what came out of my mouth! The results for me were not immediate but gradual. I kept up and am still keeping up with the “homework” I was given after the session and this has helped me even in areas unrelated to the original reason, I went to HueLan for.

Furthermore, the session and all that revolves around them have helped me to understand and realise even more the incredible power our mind and our own words can have on ourselves, our bodies, our very mind, our life in general and that of others too. In a sense, this is what magic is all about.

I recommend HueLan from the bottom of my heart.


Enlightening Session

HueLan has been an enormous help to me, after struggling with issues from my past. The hypnotherapy session itself was absolutely enlightening, though somewhat shocking, and clearly necessary to allow me to recover and let go of some past traumatic events which were hindering my fulfilment. The continuing support which HueLan has provided is such a comfort, and I feel that she really cared for me and wanted the best for me. She has such a tender nature which is absolutely necessary for the work she does. I know the RTT has helped me to move on and that it has been an important healing step which I would recommend for anyone who may be affected by prior trauma in their life.


Transforming Negative Mind

I wanted to lose my old way of thinking and have tried so many different healing methods. Nothing has worked over the years that’s been causing so many problems in my daily life. The RTT session with HueLan was amazing and has helped me so much to stop all those negative self-talks. I highly recommend her.

Thank you very much!


The experience was both cathartic and pleasurable

HueLan is one of those special people that you meet so rarely in your life. She has such a generous spirit and a caring soul.

I have experienced a one to one RTT session which was both cathartic and pleasurable. I also left with a bespoke recording to re-enforce the healing…. Which has certainly helped me make some big changes in my life.

I so enjoyed the session that I leapt at the chance to experience one of HueLan’s workshops. I have now been fortunate to be involved in two of them. Both very different content and both left me energised and motivated to take better care of myself. I would recommend HueLan unreservedly to anyone looking to work on their own self-development.”


Beautiful Birth Experience

I did RTT with HueLan in the run up to my birth with my second baby, following a traumatic first birth. I’d spent most my pregnancy with extremely bad anxiety about giving birth again, and the most immediate benefit was the powerful impact RTT had on reducing and almost eliminating that anxiety. I spent the final weeks of my pregnancy feeling a genuine sense of calm anticipation about what was to come. The birth itself was a beautiful experience – despite not going remotely to plan, I remained completely calm throughout (something the midwives commented on to me too!). Thanks to the tools HueLan gave me, I felt able to cope and in control throughout. I really couldn’t recommend HueLan and RTT more highly to any pregnant woman.


It’s stunning how immediately I experienced results, I’m simply amazed!

I feel stronger, and more positive, and I wake with a smile on my face every day. I listen to my recording and find myself giggling and eager to leap up and face the day. I haven’t picked my fingers at all since our session, and whilst there have been moments of temptation, it’s unbelievably easy to resist. I was definitely sceptical in the beginning, but HueLan took such great care. The whole experience was uplifting and positive, and it’s been easy to continue with the practice. I recommend RTT without hesitation, and I’m looking forward to feeling even better over the coming months and years. Thank you so much!


The session with HueLan was powerful.

I had heard about the effectiveness of RTT from a couple of different sources so I was intrigued, and I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. In just over an hour we connected to, and cleared, some childhood events that I wasn’t even aware were holding me back from fully moving forward with my business. HueLan has a very gentle, yet strong way of guiding you through the process and I felt safe, held and at ease throughout the entire session. I highly recommend HueLan and this approach if you want to quickly and effectively clear blocks that may be holding you back from living your life to the fullest.


Overcoming fears and increase confidence

In my first RTT session with HueLan she was able to uncover a painful past experience that I had forgotten and didn’t realise was the cause of my ongoing anxiety. I was able to overcome my fears and leave in the past what belongs to the past. I can now be in the moment without fear and with a whole lot more confidence.


The RTT experience was revelatory for my birthing process

Like most first time mothers, I felt anxious and ambivalent about the birthing process, so I partnered with HueLan for the RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) experience in order to re-frame some of my fears and assumptions about childbirth. The experience was revelatory — with the help and guidance of HueLan, I was able to uncover, acknowledge and let go of anxieties, and learned a lot about myself and how I processed fear during the process. I credit HueLan and the RTT for playing a part in the peaceful and joyful experience I had while birthing my son.


Headaches and neck pain

After years of enduring severe headaches on an almost weekly basis due to neck pain, I decided to try RTT. I had previously tried massage, physiotherapy and osteopathy with limited results. Hypnotherapy was entirely new to me, and somewhat daunting, and I’d even say I was a little skeptical. But after a single session with HueLan I have had just 2 headaches in 2.5 months and both of those were short-lived rather than the usual 24 hours. This speaks for itself! I left the session armed with tools to use the moment I start to feel any tension in my neck. I use the mp3 that was recorded just for me in many situations when I can feel work and life stresses getting the better of me. The session with HueLan has had many benefits extending far beyond the time we were actually together.
I couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you!


My experience with HueLan was enlightening.

I had always imagined hypnosis as a swinging pendulum and ending up barking like a dog, doing tricks, total misconception. To my surprise I could hear everything that was going on in the session and I felt relaxed and calm the whole time. At our first session I realised I had some unresolved issues from my past that were preventing me from moving forward. Through relaxation techniques and hypnosis HueLan guided me to go within and help me better understand myself. It’s not always easy to actually listen to what your ‘inner self’ has to say, it can be noisy at times with all the worries, stress, anxiety, guilt, etc but you have to be ready to listen. There were tears of releasing the weight of limiting beliefs and a conscious understanding of what was going on.

It was a gift of love to myself. You need a few days after the session to let it all sink in, but a recording made just for you to listen to afterwards helps rewire your mind. It’s like anything we do, exercise, riding a bike, new habits, we need to practice before we get comfortable. Of course HueLan doesn’t just click her fingers and everything is fixed, but it is a big release and I highly recommend it.

HueLan really wants to help you get to the better version of yourself, the true one. She is patient, compassionate and has a sensitivity and knowledge of what she does that puts you instantly at ease. She was always there, checking on me to see how I was feeling, advising and guiding me with kindness. It’s not always easy to open up to someone with your deepest secrets, but I’m so glad I did! Thank you HueLan for the love. People go free yourself!


The session felt like a journey itself…

I reached a point in my life where I felt ready to work through some lifelong internal limitations which I had become aware were holding me back from becoming a better version of myself. I started my journey of healing by finally taking the plunge and being open to seeking the help I needed. I was open to all methods, willing to take into consideration all that could be right for me personally. I felt I knew my problem area, however, I needed to unearth and dig deeper to understand what was at the root of my issues.

I had been familiar with Marisa Peer and her work before coming across HueLan. I came across HueLan’s website upon looking for therapists trained in RTT and her personal story, which she openly shares online, instantly resonated with me. Upon having an initial call with HueLan, my hopes of finding a therapist who I connected with were confirmed and I was determined to attend a session with her.

Things only got better upon attending. HueLan has such a genuine, warm and gentle aura about her and I felt instantly at ease; my pain and issues felt validated and listened to. Her empathetic nature meant I did not feel judged, or as though what I was trying to express didn’t make sense, which I have felt with previous therapy experiences.

The session felt like a journey in itself – it was an experience I had never encountered before. It was emotional, exhausting but ultimately uplifting and allowed me to begin my journey of release. I discovered things which I never registered as an underlying issue and proceeded to diligently follow the post-session steps of listening to my personal recording. I can only describe the weeks that followed as never having felt better or more at peace with myself and my life. The session had really triggered an internal change within and I was really thrilled at my progress and my strengthened ability to truly let go of beliefs which did not serve me.

It’s now been a few months since my visit and every time I listen to my recording, I am still filled with a sense of calm and find it hugely reassuring. I still have work to do and working with HueLan has been a great first step and has fuelled my healing in the right direction. She has also been brilliant at checking in with me regularly since our session.

I’m so thankful to have crossed paths with HueLan and will look to attend her future workshops as I thoroughly benefited from my session and would love to continue to work with her in the realms of personal development and internal healing. For anyone considering RTT, I would highly recommend HueLan as a therapist.
Thank you for your guidance, HueLan – you are truly gifted at what you do!